Thursday, January 19, 2006

Juke Pod Jury #3

Hi everyone.

I've just finished doing the 3rd "JukePodJury" with PodcastPaul, Paul Nicholls and I have to say he's a lovely bloke and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait for Paul to put up full show notes - I really want to play a couple of the songs again.

I am a bit of a bass player. I'm not very good but I still enjoy playing from time to time. I had a Wal bass up until about two years ago but I just wasn't playing it so I sold it on eBay to a guy in Japan of all places!

Paul referred to a specific show in my Podcast series known as the Bra Story. Here is a link to the file. You can subscribe to the Podcast vis RSS or via iTunes - if you're not sure what to do read the Podcasting 101 documents in the side bar. They are PDF's so you should be able to open them. Other, older, shows are available at my old blog page . I will be posting direct links to the old shows here in the very near future!

If any of you are wondering what on earth the Clangers are you need to check out here and/or the Wikipedia entry here. The Clangers were invented by Oliver Postgate who also devised Ivor the Engine (a personal favourite), Bagpuss (after my time) and Noggin The Nog all of which have their own Wikipedia pages.

And there we have Ivor the Engine, being driven by Jones the Steam. Awww... Don't get me started...

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  1. I enjoyed your comments on Juke Pod Jury Parky. Well done.