Friday, February 17, 2006

F12_6 Geek Girl Fights Back Show Notes

This show has been recorded, mixed and published by me, GeekgirlUK. I hope you like it. Here are some notes to help you enjoy it even more.

Listener Mail
Excellent feedback from Mark about the technomusic! Thanks Mark - I like dance music like this sooo much!
A few more Frappr folks get a mention:
Thanks to Ronald-san. I love the AKA's here Ronald-san. Please write in and tell me where you got them from!
Philippe in France - bonjour Philippe, bien venue au Flashing12 Podcast!
Lots of folks in LA - special mentions and big welcome to Matzebrei. Pictures of your cat please
Daz - we like you Daz ....where's your promo? :-D

Link for the Nuclear Incident at Wikipedia

Pauls says to mention ruddy Protopage

Am I recording? Oooh. Err.. (about 9 minutes in....) ---->This is brilliant! Sheer Genius--->Paul
When all this tech stuff works it's brilliant!

Microphone and chair and books... budgie in the background!

MUSIC: Flutter by Amplifico plus noises by me as I didn't switch the mic off...
We love Amplifico...

Podcastuser Magazine - go subscribe at the website
Fifteen people... not ten... ho hum...

Rant about Paul getting away with so much... Grrrrrr :-D

Getting my own back with the Brobdingnagian Bards - Like A Hobbit In A Mushroom Field

Paul joins in after visiting his Dad in hospital

I tell Paul off for interrupting me. Again.

Paul talks about his dad. Thanks to everyone who's written in..

I *know* there are not 30 days in February. Honestly.

I did it - all!!!! Yippee!

Problems with Big Ben....

The bits I left out were deliberately left out....



Today's podcast was brought to you by the letter J and the number 20

Brian Eno says "Accept advice" in the Oblique Strategies....

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