Thursday, April 20, 2006

A house made out of a Boeing 747!

Syndesis - Syndecrete are making a house for a Californian woman out of, what appears to be, a complete Boeing 747 (Jumbo) jet. Interestingly the roof is going to be made out of the wing.

It looks like a very interesting and exciting project but, and call me old fashioned, when it gets windy - and from the description of the site this will be a distinct possibility - an aircraft wing may present an undesirable effect. Lift.

Is it possible, under certain conditions, for the wing to actually generate enough lift to rip it off the building?

The reason I ask is that I used to work in London's Docklands area and an architect built a beautiful building, 20 or so stories high. It was curved on the outer edge and less curved on the inner. When it got windy the suction on the less curved edge (in effect the underside of a twenty story tall "wing") started ripping window panels out. It wasn't very windy but the effect was devastating...

Let's just say the police, the ambulance service and the fire brigade had a busy day. Luckily no-one was hurt - if someone had been hit by one of the window panels there wouldn't have been much left of them!

Hopefully this architect has got his stuff together on this. If not....

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