Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boris Johnson - Tory duffer or genius?

Now, I don't wear my politics on my sleeve - indeed, given the choice the ballot slip would have an addiitonal choice - "None of the above", written on it as I reckon none of the parties available to me deserve all my vote.

However, the Prime Ministerial transition from Tony Bleh to Gordon Browntrousers without reference to the British people (i.e. a General Election) is, to me at least, a disgrace.

I subscribe (via RSS) to Boris Johnson's ramblings at his web page which, when he posts, either leave me laughing at the audacity of the man or, as in today's post shouting for joy as he gets it right on the nail. Just click the heading of this post to read the full article. If that doesn't work then click here.

Brilliant. Well done Boris.

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