Thursday, October 11, 2007

Samsonite Suitcases

They say that a satisfied customer tells one or two people about their experience. A DISsatisfied customer tells a dozen. I'm about to break that "truth".

I have a very large, purple, Samsonite suitcase which has been round the world a few times with me and has been a tried and trusted carry all for me. Recently the extendable handle developed a crack which widened to the extent that it was starting to break off completely.

I popped into my local Samsonite store (Bluewater in Kent) and asked if it could be repaired and if so how much. Certainly came the response and it would be between £25 and £50 to repair. Fine I thought, better than £200 for a new one and off it went.

A week later and I get a call from the store. All done, they say, come and get it.

I get to the store and by bag is duly presented to me all repaired and shiny. Well, not terribly shiny, it has travelled a bit. I ask how much and I'm told £43.14 which I am happy with. Right on the estimate. Cool.

And then the kicker. In this case Mr Parkinson, we're going to waive it. Pardon says I? We 're waiving it. Free. Gratis.

Wow. Did I leave the shop with a smile on? Will I be looking at Samsonite favourably from now on? WIll I be more likely to buy a suitcase from them in the future? Will I tell my friends? Will I blog about it?

Yessirreejimbob. I will. And some.

If other companies paid attention to this kind of customer service the world would be a better place.

Specifically, I am thinking about you AUSTRIAN AIRLINES who left me stranded at Heathrow recently with no way of getting home and a stiff finger from the people in Vienna when I explained what their two hour delay was going to do to my return journey home...

and you, RED HERRING MAGAZINE who still haven't refunded my subscription after six months of emails and calls.

Companies like this SUCK and should be avoided. At. All. Costs.

I hope Red Herring goes the same way as Business 2.0 magazine and Austrian Airlines get privatised.

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  1. Steven8:20 pm

    I only wish I had known Samsonite did stuff like that. Tumi couldn't be bothered to even offer us a new lock after the thing just snapped off, and not due to any kind of wear (the bag was less than 3 months old and had only been used on 1 trip). They did offer to sell me a new lock for $25US (it's TSA approved!!). I tried to point out that I had purchased 6 pieces of luggage (and that's not inexpensive) from them and that the other 5 locks work perfect....did they care? Nope! I'll have to check with you next time I buy a piece of travel equipment.