Saturday, June 07, 2008

Obama - Clinton

Here's something that kinda freaked me out and I thought I'd share with you.

My colleague and I were sitting in the bar in Dubai the other night and we got talking to some people. The conversation turned to America and the upcoming election. Could an Obama-Clinton ticket win. The general consensus was maybe but McCain is a strong candidate even if he is not a welcome one in this neck of the woods.

Then someone really blew my mind. He said that America has a habit of getting rid of Presidents it doesn't like. John F. Kennedy was the prime example.

This person said that if the Clinton-Obama ticket happened AND it won the election in November then many different forces might take action. The net result they said was that Clinton WOULD still become President - but not until Obama had been assassinated.

Woah. Wait a minute we jumped back at him. What do you mean?

There's a lot of people in America who hate the idea of a black American president even more than the idea of a white woman President. They cannot change the outcome of the election - assuming the Democrats win - but they can change the race of the President.

We all sat back for a few - it seemed liked minutes - and sighed. That was an outcome for sure. The "vicious racists" could take that kind of action. They could take out "President Obama" and replace him with President Clinton. They could. But would they?

Would they?

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