Monday, July 07, 2008

G8 leaders feast on 13 courses after discussing world food shortages

This is simply the grossest situation from what is, essentially, a gross situation. How can Gordon Brown tell us not to waste food when these people sit down and scoff this much grub?

I know I'm not exactly clean as a whistle when it comes to food moderation (food is one of my few vices!) but read what they ate:


White asparagus and truffle soup

Kegani crab almond oil foam and green olive tapenade

Supreme of chicken served with its stuffed thigh, nuts and orange savoury with beetroot foam

Special cheese selection with half-dried fruits

Peach compote, ice cream and raspberry coulis


Corn-stuffed caviar

Smoked salmon and sea urching "pain surprise" style

Hot onion tart

Winter lily bulb and summer savoury

Folding fan modeled tray decorated with bamboo grasses


Kelp-flavoured cold kyoto beef shabu-shabu, asparagus dressed with sesame cream

Diced fatty fles of tuna fish, avocado and jellied soy sauce and Japanese herb "shiso"

Boiled clam, tomato, Japanese herb "shiso" in jellied clear soup of clam

Water shield and pickled conger dressed with vinegar soy sauce

Boiled prawn with jellied tosazu-vinegar

Grilled eel rolled around burdock strip

Sweet potato

Fried and seasoned Goby with soy sauce and sugar

Hairy Crab "Kegani" bisque soup

Salt-grilled bighand thornyhead with vinegary water pepper sauce

Milk fed lamb from "shiranuka" flavoured with aromatic herbs and mustard

Roasted lamb and cepes and black truffle with emulsion sauce of lamb's stock and pine seed oil

Special cheese selection, lavender honey and caramelised nuts

G8 fantasy dessert

Coffee served with candied fruits and vegetables

Wine list

Le Reve grand cru champagne

Japanese saki

Corton Charlemagne 2005

Chateau Latour burgundy

Ridge California Monte Bello 1997

Tokaji Essencia 1999 from Hungary

Full article courtesy of Timesonline from the UK:

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