Thursday, October 16, 2008

Queen Elizabeth at Google

Whilst the majority of the Royal Family are a bunch of useless hangers on with nothing more to add to my life than an empy jar of Marmite, it was nice to see Google UK putting a special front page together for HRH's visit to their offices today.

Prince Charles I can live without and ditto for his mistress-cum-wife Camzilla
Diana's boys seem to be decent lads - and once HRH shuffles off this mortal coil I hope Charlie The Tree Hugger will swerve his "duty" and hand over to William.

Whilst the idea of a UK Republic has its attractions I don't really beleive it will ever happen and even if it did I don't see any way that our current political system would give us figurehead that carried any weight or power.

I am not particularly a royallist (note the small 'r') but neither am I a Republican. Somewhere in between if that's possible.

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