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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Smallest aeroplane on a scheduled flight...

...that I've been on. I went on this, a Brittan Norman Trislander from Jersey to Guernsey (and back) last week. It's a three engined propeller plane which seats 16 people.

When I saw it for the first time I thought O...M....G...!!!   How are we all going to get in to it? It's got four doors, the seat backs flip down (like in a 2 door car) and they call you forward to be placed in the plane. On the way out I was in the back but on the way back I was in the third row from the front. A most excellent little plane and the view was amazing. 
It felt a bit like there was a huge elastic band being wound up and then let go as we prepared for take off but after that it was a very smooth flight. I rather suspect, however, that a November night flight with the wind howling and the rain pounding might be a different kettle of fish.
Interestingly the flight from Jersey to Guernsey was at 1,000 feet and the flight back was at 2,000 feet. Safety first! It takes about 15 minutes. The airline was Aurigny ( and it was a very pleasant experience. One member of crew on the flight, the pilot - no co-pilot - and no trolley dollies. I was expecting the pilot to start chucking buns around for our lunch but I think he had his hands full... 
Back there in a week or two...

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