Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things about me

1 I used to collect sink plugs from trains – I had a collection of around 20 of them at one point.
2 I still get reminded of the wizard prank I pulled at school in 1980 when I had spider on a piece of cotton above the headmasters head in school assembly
3 I enjoy playing bass guitar and wish I still had one.
4 Podcasting is really important to me but I don’t seem to be able to make the time for it
5 International travel used to be fun but now it’s just boring. I still like Eurostar though.
6 I own too many CD’s (DVD’s, LP’s, cassettes and 7” singles) but I can’t get rid of any. It’s a visceral thing.
7 I once turned down the chance to go to a party with Lemmy from Motorhead. On reflection, 25 years later, it was probably the right thing to do.
8 I wish I had had the courage to be more entrepreneurial. I am sure it would have worked out in the end.
9 I still miss Simon Osborne who died nearly 15 years ago from leukaemia, aged 31
10 I can do realistic impressions of a plughole and a Spitfire.
11 I used to make Airfix kits and when I got bored of them would fill them with cotton wool and meths, light them and throw them out of the window
12 I value the friendships I have made through podcasting – Paul Nicholls, Mike O’Hara, Jason Jarrett to name but a very few
13 Listener feedback for my podcast is a real win for me
14 I own too many gadgets – but he who has most toys wins.
15 Photography is becoming an obsession
16 I don’t like prunes, rhubarb, liver or kidneys.
17 I don’t eat too much – just too often.
18 I am allergic to penicillin. Really allergic. Parky + penicillin = reaction to DEATH
19 I support Arsenal Football Club
20 I still beat myself up over missing my youngest son’s birthday last year. He still beats me up too.
21 I used to make prank phone calls to taxi companies, restaurants and builders merchants.
22 I am an atheist. You don’t have to believe in an invisible man and his zombie son to think it’s a good idea to treat others as you would like to be treated. It’s called the Golden Rule. Look it up.
23 I am a liberal – in every sense of the word. This Thing doesn’t apply to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
24 I used to sit at the front of the carriage on the DLR and pretend to drive. I still do, if no-one is watching
25 I can be an arrogant shit but I try not to be.

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