Thursday, February 09, 2012

iPhone 4S - near but not near enough

The iPhone 4S is a damn good phone with a pretty decent camera. It has lots of great features for a phone but hardly any proper camera features. This is all fair enough and Apple have done a great job taking it this far - it is, after all, a phone with a camera built in.

There are plenty of blog posts and other articles out there about the iPhone 4S being used as a camera. This article at Photofocus and these image comparisons of different flavours of iPhone, a Canon S95  and a Canon 5D mark2. 

The iPhone 4S is a good camera. But it's not quite there for me...

What I want to see is a camera with a phone built in. It's small difference when it's written down but the dynamics of it are profound. Phone companies add cameras. A camera company needs to add a phone. 

I want to see something like a Canon S100 or the Nikon V1 get a phone added to them. I don't need a smart phone but if it was based around the Android OS I would be very happy. Get my email on my camera? Bring it on. Post images from my camera? Bring it on x2...

Give me something with the controls of, say, a Canon S100 (Raw, WB, AEB) and stuff a basic phone on their too and I'd do a happy dance and then buy one tomorrow.

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