Sunday, January 15, 2006

Flashing 12 Podcast Number 5...

Greetings all our gentle listeners.. Here are the shownotes for the 5th edition of the Flashing12 Podcast.

Recorded on Sunday 15th January. Grey and overcast today. Second take as the first one was not too good. Here is a direct link to the show. It is show number 5 even though I bollixed up the name.

Here we go with the show notes:

Preamble is us discussing the previous lame attempt that day. Intro music courtesy of Twelfth Night as per usual.

Adam Curry takes a poo.... and no swearing! Phew!

Music by HelloZero. Track called "Shine On Me" - follow the link to the PSMN page for HelloZero

Janet doesn't like headphones. Misses cue. Likes long hair. Mine's short. Non carborundum est illigitami..

Top 15 technology concepts you need to know for 2006 can be found here

Janet doesn't handle PPC and Google Adwords very well.

Segment from the Wizards of Technology - excellent podcast - which created a promo for us! Thanks guys - much appreciated!

Music: Butterfly Catchers with Wake Up - again follow the links to get to more great music!

Don't forget Magnatunes as a source of great music...

The Pledgebank is a great place to find like-minded activitists - especially the BoycottDRM pledge. Go on - you CAN sign the Pledge!

Here is picture of two pages of Janet's doodle during today's show...

Here is a link to Flickr for the full size version. Headcase...

Flashing12 example in email... Thanks to Dave Vernon....

Link to Amazon for the Banksy book Janet has given a drink of coffee to...

Janet travels the world... Australia - No. Safari - No. Taj mahal - No. Great Wall of China - a bit of it.

Janet is a female version of Karl Pilkington!!!

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