Thursday, April 13, 2006

Welcome BBC Radio 5 Live listeners!

Hi there everyone who's found us here following Janet's amazing BBC Radio 5 Live experience on the "Pods and Blogs" programme with Chris Vallance and Rhod Sharp!

The following link will allow you to either play or download the MP3 of her "journey of discovery" into podcasting ->

This is the podcast where Janet does it on her own as featured on the show!

Better still - why don't you SUBSCRIBE ??! Look in the bar to the right and there you will find links to easy to understand tutorials on how to do it. Alternatively look up "flashing" on iTunes!

S'easy - even Janet can do it now!

This is the RSS feed for the subscription:

I remain, your humble geek husband who stayed at home that glorious day in April!

Well, not humble... livid!

Seriously, well done Janet!

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