Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back on the Radio....

Jeepers creepers we're both very tired this morning. Janet and I were on BBC Radio 5 Live's "Up All Night" programme last night talking about podcasting with Chris and Rhod.

I was really happy to be invited on - after all The Flashing 12 is Janet's show, right? She still stole the show though and that's great. I'll carry on providing the geek stuff in the background! After all, it's about the toys isn't it chaps? He who has most toys wins. Especially if they have "der blinken lights"!

That reminds me - I need to put a sign on the podcast rig to warn Janet -

Alles touristen and non-technischen lookens peepers!

Das machinen is fur diggen von experten only. Is nicht fur gerverken by das dumkopfen.

Der mixermachinekontrol unt der podcastrekordermachinen is nicht fur gerfingerpoken und mittengrabben.

Oderwise ist easy schnappen der spriggenwerk, blowenfusen, poppencorken mit spitzensparken unt der feedbacken earexploden mit der shreiken unt howlin in der kopfspeakeren.

Der rackenmounten machinen ist fur gerverken by das experten. Das ist *nicht* fur fiddlen und pushen buttons. Oderwise der sounden in der podcasten willen schei├če be.

Das rubbernecken sightseenen volk keepen das cottenpicken hands in das pockets. So, relaxen und watchen das blinkenlight. Ist verr pretty, nein?

After all, all those buttons are not her strongest point are they?

We'll put out a show in the next few days with the audio in it but if you're busting to hear us sooner than that you can visit the BBC website and Listen Again.

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