Monday, May 15, 2006

It's OUR content

Why can't I include our interview on BBC Radio 5 Live in our Podcast? It seems that this is the case. My opinion is that we should publish and be damned but Janet has a more cautious (read sensible) approach. It stopped us putting out a podcast over the weekend and ripped the heart out of the show we had put together.

It's OUR content so why can't we podcast it?


  1. Because they produced the show so they own the copyright to the show. On the plus side the BBC is normally very good about allowing people to use bit of their shows so if you know the producers phone number drop him a line or send them a mail.

    If on the other hand you recoded the content your self then you own the copyright and can do with it what you wish.

  2. I've always used my interviews from the Beeb on my shows - and told 'em.

    There hasn't been any harm, and they keep phoning back.