Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Interviewed on Blog Talk Radio

Kind of an interim Flashing12 item; I was interviewed by Alan Levy, the founder of the Blog Talk Radio "internet streaming radio podcast call in delivery audio blog podcasting service" - my words here are a clumsy way of describing what these chaps do. It works and that's very important in my very simplistic world view.

I really enjoyed our chat about Podcast User Magazine, BlogTalkRadio and the real life nature of podcasting.

You can hear it for yourself here or you can subscribe to everything I put up here by using the RSS feed link over there in the side panel.

This was probably my last job as the Editor of Podcast User Magazine as I am stepping down from the role with effect from the May edition of the Magazine. I have the greatest pleasure in announcing my replacement will be Mark Hunter of The Tartanpodcast, Talking Voices and TartanMedia Productions.

I am certain Mark will do a fabulous job taking the magazine on to new greater heights. My "day job" is taking more and more of my "spare" time (heh heh I wish) as I travel to the depths of the Middle East, South Africa and now even Tokyo and Moscow...

Good Luck Mark and thanks to everyone who made the Editor role, for me, a wonderful experience.

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