Thursday, November 29, 2007

Following on Twitter on Followers on Facebook and PayPal up to the nuts in DoubleClick

I've come to the conclusion that I really like Twitter but Facebook is really starting to get on my wick. There are however, a couple of caveats.

I'm happy to get follower requests on Twitter. I can go to that persons Twitter page, see the numbers of Followings and Followers and make a call. What call do I make? It's easy really but it is a gut feel so I do break the rule.

If the person requesting me is obviously a noob with, like, 23 and 4 people in their stats I return the favour and follow them back. If they are totally disjointed and out of whack with 3000 and 24 then no chance. Spammers. Avoid. Obviously the uberTwit's have odd stats but you'd expect that eh?

I guess I'm not autofollowing everyone who follows me. Sorry.

On to Facebook. I am a gnats crotchet away from walking away from Facebook. If I get another invite to join the "Corn Swagglers Club" or "Fnordian Focus Forum" then I'm out. There are only so many times I can send Zombie bites or hamster to people. I don't care. LinkedIn is more interesting to me than that effluent. Gitwizards.

I visit when I get a Gmail to the effect that someone has done something to me but it's just getting so boring. And now Facebook has got their advertising thing on I am even more pissed off. I know they needed to monetize. Fair enough. Sell me stuff. No problem. Don't sell stuff to my Friends on the basis that Paul liked so therefore Dean or Dave or Adrian would like it too. They almost certainly won't. Get lost Facebook. Redo the advertising or I'm out. Gitwizards.

Next rant. I listened to Security Now on the way home and was frankly disgusted with the news that PayPal have jumped into bed with DoubleClick. And when I say into bed I mean up to the nuts. Everything you do on PayPal is passed to DoubleClick. Stuff that. I hate DoubleClick. I know it's a Google thing and Google "don't do evil" but that's bollocks we all know that - Google are a business for heavens sake. They are here to make money. MONEY. Gitwizards.

Grabbing my personal data from PayPal is outrageous. I would like to say I will be scaling down my use of PayPal but to what? There are others but Google seems to own them. I use CrapCleaner (CCleaner) to get rid of the DoubleClick douchebag cookies and other crud. Tens of megabytes every week. What value to DoubleClick actually give me? They should pay me to keep their cookies on my PC. When I find 'em right now I delete them. And I will always do that. I wish there was a law about it? Arghh. Gitwizards.

Finally can people with iPods who use the really cheap and nasty one's PLEASE invest in some decent earphones. I went over to the West End this lunchtime and had the unfortunate experience of sitting next to someone on the Tube with a shiny new Nano (the little screeny one) with the cheapo headphones playing Amy Winehouse at full blat. I didn't have my iPod with nice in ear 'phones with me so I had to listen to Amy's droning all the way to Euston. She wasn't getting on just my wick either. Half the folks in my carriage were giving her the Evil Eye. One chap even motioned for her to turn it down - did she get it? Naaah. She just settled in and carried on staring into space.

I'd love for someone from Apple to ride the tube, bus or train in London in the rush hour and listen to the noise pollution from their cheap and nasty headphones. Gitwizards.

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  1. Steven3:42 pm

    I love that Apple created such a wonderful piece of hardware in the ipod and the crappiest headphones ever to go with it. Every ipod I've bought (as gifts, I don't own more than 1 myself) I immediately buy new, good quality headphones to go with them. I particularly like the in-ear models made by Philips. Great sound, soft rubber insert to ease the transition between headphone and ear & they come with a carrying case!!!