Thursday, December 13, 2007

Macworld 2008 - Parky's pick

Well you can tell I'm getting better from the flu' - I've redeveloped an opinion. Qu'elle surprise! So, what's this post about then?

Well I understand that Mr. Jobs is going to have another of his Reality Distortion Events in the New Year and that the unveiling of newer whizzo super-duper nooo products will be taking place.

Furthermore I am lead to believe that it is common practice to spout forth gibberish on what one thinks the said Mr. Jobs will announce at aforesaid event.

Now, as someone who has three windows PC's and two Mac's in the house and have nearly bought the Mac Mini and the AppleTV I thought I would project my points of view in those directions.

Firstly, the Mac Mini wasn't a runaway success but sold in respectable numbers but is now in great need of a refresh. I nearly bought one but didn't because I got an old iMac free. The Mac Mini is now old-old-old by Apple standards.

Secondly, the AppleTV. It stank and it still does. I nearly bought one when it came out because I thought it was such a cool idea but waited until I could see it in the Apple Store. I got a-feared of it because it was limited in its wi-fi range (you couldn't put an external aerial onto it) and it ran hot! Really hot!

So we have an old platform in need of a refresh and a great idea with flaws in need of a proper platform. Well here's the duh moment.

Apple are going to merge the two product lines and come out with a domestic media centre.

Take the Mac Mini, beef it up (bigger hard disk, more rammage and chippage) add the AppleTV operating applications and call it, I dunno, the Mac Media Center...

or the Mac Home... or even the iHome....

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